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Discover the Master Gardener Program!

When you look at some of the best volunteer organizations in Macon County, the Macon County Master Gardener Program can easily be at the top of your list.  From answering horticulture questions to taking on service projects to providing scholarships for youth who are interested in horticulture this program is providing beauty and knowledge throughout the Macon County.  Discover more ... Read More

Unique Circumstances

Sometimes our Master Gardener program touches lives in ways we can never imagine. See what happened to Macon County Master Gardener Frank Grgurich in his very own garden.  Thanks to Theresa Churchill from the Herald & Review for writing Forsyth Garden Lands a Message of Love from Iowa and to Jim Bowling for the great photos. ... Read More

Rain and Shine, the 2015 Garden Walk was a Success

Beautiful gardens awaited those who attended the 2015 Garden Walk this June. Take a look at the photo gallery of one of these gardens which was showcased on the Herald & Review website. Photos in the Garden Walk Album are courtesy of Jim Bowling, H&R Photographer. ... Read More

The 18th Annual Gardening Insights

Gardeners from throughout Central Illinois took part in the 18th Annual Gardening Insights Day on February 14, 2015.  Over 168 individuals took part in the day-long event showcasing new trends and topics in horticulture.  Thanks so much to Danny Damiana for the photos and Theresa Churchill from the Herald & Review for Beautiful Yards Made Easy. ... Read More

Garden Fresh: Vegetable Garden Planning

Vegetable Garden Planning, a DIY series class, was a big hit within the community. Participants learned how to plan and plant a garden which would allow them to get the most product out of their garden. Find out more by taking a look at the article featured in the Herald & Review entitled Experts Offer Advice for Successful Vegetable Gardening ... Read More