Macon County 4-H and Extension Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Application

Thank you for your interest in the Macon County 4-H and Extension Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Application.  Scholarship Guidelines are listed below. A downloadable version is also shown below.  You may also apply online with the form that follows.  For online applications, letters of recommendation and the high school record may also be submitted by your chosen individuals online.  These online form links are listed below so that you may send them to those individuals.  If you have any questions, please call 217.877.6042.

High School Record

Letter of Recommendation

Downloadable Guidelines – Scholarship Guidelines

Macon County 4-H and Extension Undergraduate College Scholarship Guidelines

The Foundation supports ten scholars with a four-year, $500/semester scholarship.  Each year, new recipients are chosen to replace those that graduated the previous year.  The Macon County 4-H scholarship application must be submitted for consideration of this award.

Guidelines for awarding and administering the undergraduate scholarships:

1.    An applicant must be or have been a member of Macon County 4-H.

2.    An applicant must submit the following by March 15 of current year:

  • one photograph (head & shoulders only) for publicity purposes
  • completed scholarship application form
  • two letters of recommendation-one from 4-H leader or 4-H show superintendent or Extension Educator or 4-H chaperone, etc. and one from non-family member, i.e. friend, religious leader, business person, teacher.  Letters must be submitted along with the application in sealed envelopes or mailed directly to U of I Extension, Macon Unit, Attn: Scholarship Committee, 3351 N. President Howard Brown Blvd., Decatur, IL 62521.

3.    A scholarship recipient must enroll and remain enrolled in a full-time curriculum in an accredited school to continue receiving the money. Unsuccessful applicants may reapply.

4.    Recipients of scholarships must submit a record of grades after each grading period and before March 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester.  Scholarship payment will be made after submission of satisfactory grades.  A written explanation of extenuating circumstances may be submitted and will be reviewed.  The Foundation Board will automatically review scholarship recipients who are placed on academic probation and will make a determination of funding. Scholarship recipients must keep a current address on file with the Foundation Board.

5.    If a scholarship holder voluntarily quits college in any grading period, he/she must return the scholarship money paid him/her for that grading period.

6.    The Board may pick an alternate to receive the scholarship in case a recipient voluntarily quits or graduates during the school year.

7.    Scholarship holders who voluntarily quit school at any time must reapply to be reconsidered to receive the scholarship again.

8.    Students attending two semesters in a school year will be paid $500 each semester. Recipients will be paid a maximum of 8 semesters, limited to $1,000 each school calendar year.

9.    A maximum of 10 recipients will be maintained at any one time on scholarship.


Warren E. Myers Scholarship

The Foundation also administers the W. E. Myers Scholarship Fund. Each year the Foundation may select an outstanding agriculture college bound freshman and award a one-time $300 grant. The Macon County 4-H scholarship application must be submitted for consideration of this award.


Betty and Mona Hartwig Scholarship

The Betty and Mona Hartwig Scholarship is a one-time $1000 grant awarded to a 4-H member from Macon County pursuing a post high school degree.  The Macon County 4-H scholarship application must be submitted for consideration of this award.

Macon County Scholarship Form

General Information

Thank you for choosing to fill out the Macon County 4-H and Extension Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Application. Please note that applications are due March 15 of the current year. A recent photo and two letters of recommendation MUST be included.

Application Instructions

Please answer the following questions. The design format that you use is up to you: listing information, using charts, bullets or numbering, etc. Please be aware that it is best to copy and paste answers in from a Word document instead of typing answers in question by question in case of internet loss prior to submission. Answers should not exceed four pages in length.

4-H and Extension Accomplishments:

Community/School/Other Accomplishments

Maximum file size: 2.1MB

Please attach photo here.