Circle of Honor Award Nomination

Thank you for your interest in the Circle of Honor Awards.  Criteria are shown below.  You many submit this form online with the below application or to print off a copy of the application, click on the link below the award criteria.


Established in 2010, the Circle of Honor recognizes the outstanding achievements of 4-H and Extension program members and alumni, volunteers and friends.  This award honors annual contributions to the advancement of the mission of 4-H and Extension in Macon County.  A recipient may be awarded this honor more than once.   Awards will be presented annually at a Macon County 4-H and Extension event.


  • Nomination is required on an annual basis.  
  • Nominations will recognize individuals or groups of individuals. 
  • Previous recipients are eligible for consideration. 
  • Person currently holding or running for elected state or federal public office in Illinois are not eligible for consideration. 
  • Nomination materials must describe why this nominee deserves the Circle of Honor recognition based on the qualifications described in the purpose statement. 
  • Nominations must include a nomination form, letter of support and a letter of nomination including a description of accomplishments.  Nomination materials are limited to two pages each, four pages total in addition to the nomination form.  
  • Final award decisions are made by the Macon County 4-H and Extension Board of Directors or their designee.  
  • Should the Board of Directors determine the nominee would be more appropriately honored by means of a different award, it reserves the right to consider each nominee for other, more suitable recognition.

  Circle of Honor Award

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