Changing Lives

Anay Hunt


 “My time at the SNAP! Program has made me become more confident and helped me find my love for volunteering. I was apprehensive because as a Junior leader you have to teach kids, and talking in front of people is not my strong suit; not to mention that I have a speech problem. But everyone in the SNAP! Program made me feel very comfortable and as I took on a leadership role I gained more confidence that my voice could and would be heard. I owe so much to 4-H and all the people from the programs who have taken a chance on me. I will never forget that kindness and generosity no matter where I go in life.”

– Anay Hunt, Macon County 4-H Alumni


Temisan Shebi“My name is Temisan Shebi and I recently received my MBA from one of the top HBCU’s in the nation (Hampton University). In a few weeks I will be starting as a business technology analyst at one of the top accounting firms working in their consulting division. But most importantly, I was a 4-H Kid and everything that I have achieved I have to give credit to 4-H. I strongly believe that the skills provided in programs such as SNAP! and YES (Youth Engagement Strategy) are benefits that I was able to absorb to help me do well in my future endeavors. 4-H provides a solid foundation for investing successful skills into the youth of the coming generations. I am so proud to say that, ‘I came from 4-H!’”

– Temisan A. Shebi, B.S., MBA